A Hero Is Born

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The Asgardians, unable to watch any longer as the world of Brant grew more and more under the influence of Vear, finally developed the possibility of a plan that would allow them to help Brant. Although the spell that had separated Brant and Asgard restricted the Asgardians from travelling back to Brant, it was still possible that one of the newer generations, having been removed by time and ancestry from the original implementation of the seal, could be sent to Brant, but only immediately after the baby was born.

Born in Asgard but raised in Brant, the child would be able to transport themselves back and forth between the two places, as long as it could discover how to get back to Asgard on its own, meet its parents, and learn the ability. This would be no easy task--and there was great risk in sending the child (would it even survive? How would they know?) in the first place. The place where he arrived in Brant, however, would be the key first step to returning to Asgard.

  • Hand is born, sent (magically) to Ironwood forest
  • Baby is found by elk and carried across the land to Sulah
  • Sulah raises him as own, but does not know his origins

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