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Asgard is an island, more particularly a city, that floats above Brant. Though ancient and oft referenced in history texts, no one on the world below it knows the origins of the island. Marklanders and Hellulanders both believe that gods reside on Asgard, though none from either kingdom have ever traveled there. The island is normally not visible with the naked eye, but only when there is dense fog over the land. In such conditions, the massive island can be seen as plain as day, hanging over the grey and milky skies.


A large portion of modern Ironwood was lifted by the Laucopids to create the island. See The Exodus.


Those who dwell in the floating city of Asgard, the descendants of the four children of the Vear show the obvious marks of distinction that make them different from the people who live on the mainland. Their gray eyes are an inheritance from their parents.

Reliance on mass transit and energy conservation is evidence of their refined culture, finding innovative and forward-thinking solutions to their immediate problems.


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  1. Asgardians seal Enemy through combined effort.
  2. The seal is weakening due dissension.
  3. War between Markland and Helluland caused by dissension.
  4. Asgardians gods that can be called upon in battle ?