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Bandas Letters


During the time before the arrival of Vear, the people of Brant spoke the same tongue, Bandas, although the prevalence of a spoken culture and the simplicity of life on Brant removed the need for a written script. It was not until the Sealing of Vear that the Laucopids found need to write down their language in a permanent form. So they created Bandas, the script they then taught to the people of Brant before they left. After they left, however, as human life on Brant began to dissolve, so did the language, and the art of speaking, writing, and reading Bandas disappeared, to continue living only on the floating island of Asgard.

The Script

The Script is based on Hindi [Devanagari], generally, though some consonants were added, removed, and/or changed. All of the letters were made straight lines instead of curves, and vowels were greatly simplified.


Consonants are written according to the script, read left to right, all of the letters in one word connected to each other. Generally each consonant begins at the vertical halfway point of the preceding consonant, although depending on the consonant combination and the artistic aim of the writer, they may start at the top or bottom of the preceding letter. Consonant combinations (e.g. sg, rt, mt, rnt) are placed on top of each other (creatively) rather than next to each other.

All consonants are pronounced like in English, although there are a few that are not in English at all. Ng is pronounced like the ng in running, and ch like the ch in loch.


Vowels are pronounced much like English (although a generally as in father, not rake). The pronunciation of vowels did change quite significantly over time, though, so current-day transliterations may vary from the original inscriptions.

In the script, "a" was so frequently used that each individual consonant was assumed to make a syllable with "a" (as in ka, ra, dwa) unless marked differently with another vowel mark: "e" by an additional line above, "u" by an additional line below, "o" by two lines below the consonant cluster. The full symbols for the vowels are only used when they alone are a syllable (as the first syllable in "Asgard"). To end a word in a consonant, a short vertical mark is placed at the end of the word. There are long and short vowels, although they are not marked in the script: much like in English, there is no way to distinguish between the "a" in father and pat.


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