Become a Developer in Six Simple Steps

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Do you have the itch to help put together a high quality, scalable RPG? We would love to work with you. This project is not possible without your help. We hope that these 6 simple steps will help you find a starting point.

Step 1: Launchpad

(Time Required: 1 hour)

Register with Configure your account, register SSH keys, etc. Launchpad provides ample documentation on how to fully setup your account. In order to contribute code to this project, you must have a Launchpad account.

Step 2: Say Hello

(Time Required: 15 minutes)

Shoot us an email. The address is Let us know you're interested in helping out and we'll help you find some projects to work on. As quality talent is our biggest need, you'll receive a friendly hello back within 24 hours.

Step 3: Download, Compile, Run Asgard

(Time Required: 1 hour)

Download Asgard. Use the Download link in the Navigation bar to the left. Follow the instructions in the README file inside the tarball.

Step 4: Read Developer Goals Document

(Time Required: 30 minutes)

Each project participant (including non developers), defines 3 project goals each year. Browse through them at Category:Team. We have some suggested goals for new developers here.

Step 5: Browse Bug Tracker

(Time Required: 30 minutes)

Browse through the bugs in the bug tracker. See anything interesting? Smashing a few small bugs is a great way to become familiar with a new code base.

Step 6: Read and Understand our Software Process

(Time Required: 30 minutes)

Our software development cycle has been designed to help us maximize the productivity of the valuable time we commit to the project. It's important to take a look at it before submitting code. Software Development Process.

Thank you for your interest in Asgard. We look forward to working with you :-).