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The Forms

The Forms themselves are roughly equivalent to magic. All matter is comprised of some combination of the eight forms, and the wielder of each form is equipped to deal with those elements as they appear in the target. Each Laucopid is also associated with a form, and each form is paired with its complement just as in the marriages of the Laucopids. The Laucopids and the Forming of the Seal have a lasting affect on the shaping of Brant through the forms: and the breakdown of the Seal is disrupting these forms and therefore the construction of the world itself.

  • vethr (wielded by Liliani): water, wind, and ice, used singly, in combination, or in opposition
  • pyromania (wielded by Tijana): fire and heat
  • urth (wielded by Holmdis): earth, rocks, soil, and defense
  • alector (wielded by Matti): electricity, lightning, and transportable power
  • ferrum (wielded by Hallr): iron, steel, metalworks, armor
  • robos (wielded by Helen): plants, forests, and growth

Learning the Forms

Each character has a certain aptitude for specific forms based on their personality, their previous experiences, and their similarities to the Laucopids associated with that form. The idea is that forms are more than just elements: they are the structures lying underneath the entire world, expressing themselves through nature, animals, and personalities. When you develop your affinity to forms (i.e., "leveling up"), you are not just learning a skill, you are simultaneously expressing and developing your personality along the lines with the form by participating in activities appropriate to that form.

Using the Forms