Forming the Seal

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With a new beginning to the ravaging of the countryside by Vear, all hope was not lost, as the four children who were born still brought the chance for aid to the dying countryside. The Lady did not die immediately. She had time enough to scrape a message describing their origins on a rock near the stream before she breathed her last. The deer of the forest buried her at the foot of the rock and made the spot sacred. The four does who had taken the children began to raise them as one of their own children, but soon realized that the similarities of the species were not close enough. The children were left as orphans to various families deemed worthy by the deer.

On their eighteenth year, however, each was approached by a stag and beckoned to the place (even when the journey was long) where their mother had died and each was shown the grave and the inscription their mother had made before her death. The four children were reunited and, with the wisdom of their mother, they learned how to seal the beast into the Void, never to be released again.

But forming the Seal was not easy and the magical incantations challenged even the mythically powerful Laucopids to higher degrees of complexity. Each had to bring to the Seal their own specific traits and unite them on the Seal itself.