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On November 14 2006, Asgard 0.2.4 was released. This was the second public release of the Asgard Free Software RPG. While this release is very simple, and there is not much to it at all, it still warrants a guide for obtaining, installing and playing. It is our hope that you will enjoy the game and come back often to check on its progress.

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The latest release of Asgard, can be obtained from our software development service, Gna!:

Installation and Requirements

You need to have python to use Asgard.

A traditional install is not available yet, and as far as we know, no one has packaged us yet. This software has been made available mainly for demoing, testing, and interest gathering purposes. To use, simply type 'make.' If you are on a Windows machine, and do not have access to make, you will need to run './'




  • fire1
MP: 5
  • ice1
MP: 5
  • lit1
MP: 5
  • poison
MP: 3
  • sleep
MP: 4
  • cure1
MP: 5
  • harm
MP: 8
MP: 8
  • heal
MP: 3
  • life
MP: 10

Special Attacks

  • Rabies
Disease spread by wild animals.
Causes: madness, poison
MP: 10
  • ChokeOut
Technique employed by vicious plant-nymphs.
Causes: paralysis, poison
MP: 15
  • Fright
Scares warriors into helplessness.
Causes: paralysis
MP: 8

Additional Notes

The console is not intended to be kept for much longer than the 0.2.x series. That being said, we haven't made too much of an effort to ensure that valid input is being gathered. Chances are, the game will crash if you give it anything strange.