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Concept Art for Hand

Hand is your typical, everyday hero. He is taken from a humble but mysterious background to find his destiny among the most important and significant events of all history. Of course his path will not be easy, but of course he will not be alone in these tasks.

It is the very nature of the selective mind of history that stories are made out of the significant people like Hand. The dull, plain, and everyday people allow themselves to slip through the pages. But the menders of the world--it is they who are remembered in Asgard!

Physical Description

Hand stands tall, for an adolescent. He is a private of the Markland Guard, and his hair is crew cut. His eyes reveal both innocence and strength. Contrast to his size, there is a tall broadsword in his left hand. His arms are covered with kevlar wrist guards, emblazoned with a black Markland insignia.

Family Background

Every warrior is emblazened with a tatoo on their right shoulder. This tatoo reveals the family insignia to which the warrior is a member. Due to the fact that Hand has no immediate relatives (to his knowledge), his tatoo is unrecognized and altogether mysterious as to its family origin. This, of course, merits much abuse from his surrounding peers, resulting in Hand's unacceptance in the normal world.

So as to provide him with some form of identification, the army gave him the name, "Visi'forlaug," which translated sounds like "Prince of Fate", a derogatory name insinuating a hopeless future before the gods. -- As can be imagined, Hand's pursuit of his family origin and purpose becomes a vital goal in the gameplay and overall story of Asgard.


  • Want: To stay with the old man.
  • Want: To discover why he is different from other humans.
  • Want: To visit the land of Asgard and discover his origins

Things Needed

  • What is Hand's last name? (Look under Family Background)
  • More coverage of Hand's inner and outer struggles.
  • Hand character-defining anecdotes..?