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Osiris the Cat in 2009 Graphical Demo

Asgard started in Summer '06 as a Python project. While Python is strongly typed, we found the lack of visible typing a hindrance to our goal of developing an extensible game engine. That said, we loved the flexibility and ease of use that Python brings to the table. So in February '07, we switched to a C++/sqlite3/SDL platform and began making a clean start from the ground up. We intend to keep our Python roots by driving the Asgard engine in the Python environment.

The goal of the 0.3.x series of releases has been incremental steps towards a large scale Map. We began by implementing a database accessing system for pulling in MapObjects. Later we introduced a text Console as an interface for controlling the engine--and initially database loading. As more code modules began to develop, we found it necessary to break the code up into SystemComponents--which are threaded spaces of operation for a particular set of related actions.

In 2009, we introduced our layered GraphicsEngine. The initial demo featured a blue cat named "Osiris" wagging its tail. The code is now coming together and we're ready to begin our Map component.

2010 was a slow year for Asgard. We learned some valuable lessons about time and resource management and the importance of a good development team. As part of this process, we decided to switch our project hosting to launchpad.net to ensure that our time is spent driving forward the software development cycle rather than maintaining hosted project tools like bug management, SCM, issue tracking, etc.

In 2011, we have three primary project goals:

  1. Find a Lead Media Artist to 'own' the creation, maintenance and driving of the graphics, sound, and music team.
  2. Increase our development team from 3 to 5.
  3. Achieve a Graphical Map Demo as release 0.4.0.

We look forward to your help in these goals. Thank you for your interest in Asgard.