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A master of music, dance and puppetry, Kypfardren was a traveling minstrel who sang at the bars and taverns of the villages of Brant. Not long before the Witch-Queen Strigar began her rule at Kyndyn, Kypfardren sang his loud, laughter-raising songs in the inn there.

To his lyrics, inn-stayers drank, and made ruckus. They spilled beer and threw peanut shells as they danced to his merry songs. The sullen bar-maids of the inn detested him and his endless supply of happiness. "How dare he," thought they, "make such a mess of an otherwise perfectly restful place." Their happy normalcy taken away from them, they plotted to get even.

One night while Kypfardren slept soundly at the inn. The wicked then bar-maid, Strigar quietly led her friends to his room. Slowly, and deliberately they danced around his bed-chamber singing off-key as Strigar cursed him. Kypfardren slept away through the unwholesome verse, till morning came.

The following evening, Kypfardren began his night of singing at the inn's tavern. He noticed as he sung the strange sound he made: full of curse, and not praise for the good things in life: both bread and sun's rays. Angered by his unthankfulness at the mercies of nature, the men of Kyndyn chased him out of town.

The words of his singing deeply burned in their minds. As they chased him through valley, away to the south, the anger turned to hatred (of a kind most unsound). Miles and miles away they came to the Pass of Folly and crossed the ford there. Beneath an Arbor Grey they surrounded Kypfardren.

The moon shined full, crisp and bright through the branches overhead, and made a shadow in the night on the ground. Through the bushes behind came the bar-maid Strigar and her friends.

"Unwholesome is he that sings in the bar," Strigar began. "He's disruptive and hateful of everyday life. I say: we work for a living and we get what we've got! But what does he do? He sings and drinks all day and all night. He makes messes and bills that we pay for naught. So burn him I think, that is what we do: Rid us this menace at last and we're through."

The men of Kyndyn agreed and bound Kypfardren to the Arbor Grey tree. They made fire and burned him there at the ford at the Pass of Folly. Satisfied that they had rid Brant of the unwholesome bard, they walked back to Kyndyn and amazed at their beautiful bar-maid Strigar.