Milestone 3: Elmli

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Asgard at large is the composition of system component objects. Currently there are two such: Console and Controller. With Elmli, GraphicsEngine will be the third. The purpose of this new System Component is to offer a simple interface for drawing a Drawable type (provided by the Database via the MessageRouter) onto a Layer on the Screen. In short, this release will use all of our major systems for the purpose of putting a Drawable on the screen.

Things To Do:

  1. Design and Write the GraphicsEngine system component class.
    • This task is contingent on the above.
    • At the very least, it will need to be able to draw a provided Drawable onto a Layer (given by string)
  2. Rename the Controller system component "Database" (and source directory)
    • This is the first step for the upcoming Map system component.
    • In that release, we'll be pulling the MapObject types (and relatives) from Database syscomp.
  3. Design and Write the necessary changes to the Database system component
    • At the very least, Database will need to be able to load a Drawable from the database.
  4. Modify main.cpp so that it displays Steve's cat animation.

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