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Monsters (a generic, yet sufficient term) are those beings, creatures, fiends, etc., that the heroes will face in battle, time and time again. Whether or not these foes officially serve as legions to Vear is of no matter as monsters are considered harmful to the heroes and should be aptly slain; kill first, and ask questions later. After all, this is how growing heroes gain their experience and wealth, not to mention a dandy, little trinket every now and then.

Without further a do, here is a fairly comprehensive list of said evil-doers, no-goodniks, and other rotten creatures of poor hygiene:


Name: Elmli

Pronunciation: (Elm LEE)

Locations: Markland Woods

Description: These are giant moving trees found in the forest north of Markland. These trees are quite durable due to their affinity for Ferrum. The also use their Robos to heal themselves of damage. They can be caught on fire using various phenomena of Pyromania.

Name: Mooncake

Pronunciation: (Moon KAH kay)

Locations: Markland Woods

Description: Mushrooms which grow in the forests north of Markland. They are high in Robos which gives them immense recoverabily, but they are weak in Ferrum. The result is that they fall quickly to physical attacks. However, due to their Whimsical nature, they can cause confusion to would-be predators.

Name: Nattbusk

Pronunciation: (NAHT Busk)

Locations: Markland Woods

Description: Nattbusk are bushes found in the dark forests north of Markland. They create a canopy over the forest and strike from above. Years of exposure to Brantian winds have made them strong in Vether. They use Drizzle to drench opponents.

Name: Nattcake

Pronunciation: (Naht KAH kay)

Locations: Markland Woods

Description: Related to Mooncake, these highly durable mushrooms cast Fortify on allies but have relatively low physical prowess.

Name: Trehest

Pronunciation: (TRAY hest)

Locations: Markland Woods

Description: Small horse-like creatures which live in the trees. They are herbivores, but are highly territorial of their trees and may react violently if their homes are threatened. Trehest can use Urth to blind enemies with Sandstorms. They also attack with razor-like hooves.

Older Entries

Hom - a being that mostly looks like a man, but if one looks closely enough, one will notice a void in the ocular regions, not to mention a general paleness of the skin and a slow, gimpy step; this fiend simply refuses to go down in a fight, even after having a limb or two hacked off; I hear he's not a fan of fire, though.

Peonybee - encountered early in the game, the Peonybee flies around and attacks either directly for damage or with its stinger, which does slightly less damage but has a chance of poisoning the character.













Quotationser - a monster strong in affinity for ferrum and therefore not affected by physical attacks, the character must use a magical attack or use a weapon infused with a form.

Principleser - an older version of Quotationser, Principleser is likewise not affected by physical attacks but is stronger, larger, and smarter.



Levelmyth - a living, mobile, mini-dungeon composed of several rooms filled with typical dungeon creatures and traps; kill this creature from the inside, but heroes, beware; once on the inside, there is no way out until the deed is done.

ChinkHack - a hapless being that somehow got itself wrapped in numerous, rusty chains from head to toe; whether or not this was because of a practical joke gone horribly, yet hilariously, wrong, the being has adapted to its tetanus-infusing cocoon by attaching equally tetanus-infusing sickles; needless to say, rusty chains can be easily severed by a not-so-rusty blade.