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Project Need

Asgard is getting bigger everyday! Our developers are having to spend too much time administering the project, and not enough time writing the game. We're in need of experienced, creative musicians who not only love to make music but also know the difference between a good video game soundtrack and a bad one.

Job Description

Asgard requires distinct musical tracks for the following:

  • Title Screen/Recurring Theme Music (reflects the feel of the story)
  • Battles
  • World Map
  • Towns/Cities
  • Dungeons
  • Miscellaneous aspects of the game that have yet to be decided

The most important aspect of your job is this: BE CREATIVE! Feel free to base the music off of traditional RPG music or something entirely different. Your musical contribution can help mold Asgard into a wonderful gaming experience!


  • Creativity and Good Musicianship (required)


Contact We'd love to hear from you!