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The Problem

The biggest aspect of a story is the problem. It spreads outwards and affects all of the characters, influencing their desires and their struggles in everyway. A story can be thought of as a device that modifies the central problem. Below is a list of problem transformations.

  • Problem A: Markland and Helluland are at war, Hand is drafted to fight for the Marklanders.
  • Problem B: A rift between Asgard and Brant appears, Hand among with other soldiers are sent to investigate.
  • Problem C: Hand, intentionally left alive by Mestoraidou, is plagued with confusion. He sets out to understand his history.
  • Problem D: The Seal used to detain Vear in the Void is beginning to break, as well as the social forces that hold the world together.
  • Problem E: Vear wants reclaim the world. The world doesn't really like that.

Hero's Journey Notes

Call to Adventure:

The hero is drafted.

Refusal of Call:

The hero wants to stay with the wise old man.

Acceptance of the Call/Supernatural Aid:

First major battle. Void appears. Both sides send parties to investigate. NPC's killed off. PC's wounded. All that stand are the hero and monster. The monster smells the blood of the hero and confuses the hero with his master, Vear.
The hero wants to learn why he is different from others. Why was he spared by the monster from the void?

Belly of the Whale:

The hero climbs a mountain where he was found as a child.

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  • Vear rapes or seduces The Lady in Ironwood. Before the Sealing
  • Laucopids, their children seal Vear into the VOID. Before the Sealing
  • The Laucopids leave humanity by building Asgard from Ironwood. The Exodus
  • The Laucopids send Hand as a baby
  • Asgardians forget their history. The Exodus
  • Sulah finds Hand on the Ancient Mountain.
  • Sulah raises Hand like his child.
  • Hand, a young man, is drafted in a war between Markland and Helluland
  • <Road to War, TOWN A>.
  • The two kingdoms meet at the battle of Severn and begin a large scale battle, the fiercest of the war so far.
  • A void appears in the middle of the battlefield and everyone retreats.
  • Hand is put in a party sent to investigate the VOID.
  • They battle or nearly battle with group sent from other kingdom when Mestoraidou pops out of the VOID.
  • Some other PCs may be introduced here.
  • Everyone killed (NPC's) or wounded (PC's) except Hand.
  • Mestoraidou, confused at the smell of Hand's blood, returns to VOID.
  • Both parties retreat.
  • Ceasefire is established between the kingdoms, draftees sent home.
  • Hand returns home; on the way a THIEF joins his party in TOWN A.
  • Sulah reveals story of finding Hand on ANCIENT MOUNTAIN.
  • Hand and THIEF climb ANCIENT MOUNTAIN.
  • They don't find anything.
  • Saddened they start down the ANCIENT MOUNTAIN when Hand finds a stone.
  • Hand hears words in mind and both Hand and the THIEF are sucked into Asgard, the City in the Sky.
  • Hand learns more about heritage in Asgard.
  • Hand returns from Asgard.
  • Sulah is dead, killed by Vear's minions.
  • <reintroduction of KINGDOM pcs>