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Project Design Flow

The purpose of the Philosophy Category is to set some conceptual goals for Asgard. In turn, this page will attempt to both justify having Philosophies and provide a guide for including, modifying and dropping Philosophies.

Why Philosophies? Game implementation depends on a strong definition of Gameplay which in turn require an underlying philosophical foundation. You cannot make systemic Gameplay decisions without an over-arching Philosophy.

A sloppy Gameplay design will ruin the end product. Similarly, no initial thought given to Gameplay will lead to a system that's been done before. There is too much time invested in this project to get just another game that resembles every other RPG out there.

Having a good foundation will lead to a outstanding, significant game.

Pragmatic: Considering Philosophies

1. What makes this game significant?

Why are we programming a game if there are thousands of variants of what we are attempting? If we try to "conform to the genre" too much, then we will probably end up overlapping with any one of the thousands of RPGs out there and hundreds more coming out as we speak.

And let's face it: why bother when Square is still coming out with Final Fantasies? Do we really think that we can out-FF them?

So we take a different focus. Give our characters character, make our plot significant and realistic (emotional even?), and have gameplay that actually requires you to think.

2. What do we want our players to get out of this game?

3. How do we get that effect?

Diagram Source

The source for the diagram above is a Visual Paradigm file. Feel free to modify the design flow as it makes sense to you. If you decide to publish your changes, then be sure to update Projectflow.png as well.