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Magic is sectioned out among the eight forms, each associated with a Laucopid. But, as in actual stats, the level of proficiency in each kind of magic will depend on many different factors and increase individually. Every character will have the chance at proficiency in any certain form, but some may be more (or less) pre-disposed to a certain form (or any forms at all) than others. Of course, this pre-disposition could change with effort as well.

Further, spells are learned at certain levels of proficiency in certain forms, and may require more than one form. Spells may become more effective by weaving in other forms.

2 Examples:

  1. "Cure" might be learned at grace level (for lack of a better word) 3, "cure 2" at level 12, and "cure 3" at level 28. But "antidote" requires grace level 4 and robos level 2. "Cure 2" increases effectiveness if the caster has experience with ferrum (but only to a certain extent).
  2. A spell like "holy" requires only a very high level of grace, but an "ultima" spell requires a moderately high level in a set of different forms (all of them?).

When spells are cast, there is some sort of representation of the interactions of the multiple forms that were woven together to create the spell. Proficiency in a form is gained primarily through use of spells using that form, but other methods are possible (being in a certain area, helping certain people, taking lessons, sidequests, items).

This has the potential to be very dynamic, very creative, and very cool. Especially if we could allow (or, perhaps, require) the player to experiment with the different form-combinations to discover what combinations activate certain spells. This would also allow combinations between different mages in the party, and potentially even between warriors and mages. Like--what if I added some whimsy to this fireball? Maybe it'll do something, maybe not. Perhaps adding some vethr to your cure spell will help one person more, but adding urth would help another.

The Waveform

The Waveform is both a straight-forward system for programming the interactions between the different forms for casting spells, a revolutionary way to integrate HP and MP into the player's affinity for each form, and a relatively comprehensible way to graphically represent all of the above.