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History of the Seal

The Seal was specially crafted by the Laucopids to keep the Ancient Sealed Enemy locked in the Void. It was inscribed on a stone in the ancient forest of the elk where it remained, peaceful and forgotten while Brant and Asgard were separated. With the decay of society (see: The Two Kingdoms), however, the Seal itself began to weaken.

When the people of Markland and Helluland began the custom of family tattoos, the mark given to orphans and runaways was, mysteriously, the same shape as that on the Seal, thus the tattoo given to Hand when he was found by Sulah.

The Patterns on the Seal

The Eight Laucopids discovered, through the help of the elk and the instructions left by their mother, that to construct the seal that would completely lock Vear into the Void they would have to tap into the eight forms that comprise the natural world and accept those eight forms on themselves. After creating the Seal according to these forms, they were associated with the forms as follows, and given the powers and personalities related therein:

The Writing on the Seal

On the Seal is written a poem, a kind of creation-myth, demon exorcism, and practical mythology all in one, highlighting the individual forms of the Seal, their involvement in the Sealing itself, and their relationship to the Laucopids:

Of the first forms founded on the world of Brant
Wethr, bold, and courage grant
Arose and gave the world his storm:
A fierce and fearsome finishing form.
And beautiful Pyromania, as his wife
Her blazes seething with self-bought life,
A form of constant movement motion
To temper the cerulean waves of ocean
Grace, the fair and healing maiden
Gifts, joy, Beauty, peace-laden
She walks in fullness, tresses flow
To grant poise and perfection sow.
But again, some Whimsy to lighten the weight
To scatter the earth with random fate
No evil in his eyes, though evil come
His chaos still firm, his bedlam plumb
Ferrum to build the structure of earth
And raise the towers of matchless worth
Adamantine alloys to bind the fate
And powers of evil abate
But never so stern is the Robos Tree
Her leafs and shadowy treses free
Her growth and form come thriving forth
And treat her tenets as compass-north.
And Urth--what fool this evil be
Who from the soil dares break free.
The earth, unabated, forever firm
And mother, she, to seal the worm.
As she is firm so he is Alector,
The quicksilver dynamo-protector.
Speedy, sure, to alight around,
But intensity still is found.
Eight emboldened forms the Vear hide
And to the depths his form shall ride--
By this   |  Never again to the world of man
This Seal |  Shall come the Evil's baneful clan.

(Note that in the last two lines, the poem is actually split into two related, but separated, poems)