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East of the River Folly lies the town of Severn, occupying a small piece of land that has been owned, historically, by Markland, although it lies on Helluland's side of the river. After the beginning of the war, this piece of land has become a hot spot for military superiority, lying on a large, level field, surrounded on the north, west, and south by the river. The ford Hollis lies on the west bank of the river, allowing the Marklanders to support their troops during what would otherwise be a near-constant siege from the east by the Hellulanders.

When our story starts, the Markland army is preparing for an assault as part of a larger plan to mount a counter-offensive. The attack at Severn must be strong enough to distract enough troops from the rest of the front so the other divisions of the Markland army can cross the river at the downstream fords and make headway into Helluland territory.

Although the Marklanders make quite a bit of headway as the battle begins, the Hellulanders have a greater number of troops. Forced to bring in newer recruits and the last reserves of the troops alloted to them, the Markland army launches a final foray against the troops of Helluland. During the final attack, although the outcome looks equally favorable for both sides, a large rift appears and the Mestoraidou wreaks non-partisan havoc and few survive before the monster recognizes Hand as having the same blood as his master and retreats.

With both sides having undergone such heavy losses, although the rest of the Markland plan went successfully, both sides withdrew and began to consider their options for a truce.