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I resurrected the Wiki in early April 2016, but failed to put in place effective spam protection. The result was a month of time for the spammers to add ~5000 user accounts and 100,000 revisions. It took about 2 hours one evening in early May 2016 to clean up the mess. To expedite cleanup in the future, I'm documenting what I did here. Hopefully, we'll never be in this situation again, but just in case.. First, install the Nuke plugin (if not already installed). Then:

  1. Use Nuke to Delete a set of spam edits
    • Visit Special:Nuke
    • Set "Maximum Number of Pages" to a large number (say 10000)
    • Leave all other fields blank
    • Click Go
  2. Login in via SSH to the server hosting the Wiki
  3. Change directory to the the wiki's directory
  4. Run: sudo php ./deleteArchivedRevisions.php --delete
  5. Run: sudo php ./removeUnusedAccounts.php --ignore-touched 0
  6. Confirm that no known accounts have been removed (i.e Rustushki, KKaos, Hermes TheGrunger, HuckleBerry5, etc)
  7. Run: sudo php ./removeUnusedAccounts.php --ignore-touched 0 --delete
  8. Repeat the procedure until all spam edits and users have been removed