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Data Members

-name: string

Name of statistic. (i.e. "hp")

-current: int

Current value. (i.e. 350 points)

-max: int

Maximum value. (i.e. 500 points) If < 0, this statistic is deleted from Fighter after the battle is over.

-afterbattle: boolean

Whether the statistic retains its "current" value after battle.

-chance: float

The chances that it will go up on level up.

-plus: int

How much this stat goes up (maximally), on level up.

-growthRate: float

Some things do not grow at a constant rate, i.e HP. This determines how fast a stat grows with reference to it's previous value. For example, HP = HP + (HP * growthRate).


TODO: add accessors and mutators

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