The Collapse

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In this chapter, the woman of the ancient myth will return, in a fashion. The herd of elk in the ancient forest kept her grave sacred and kept her identity in their collective memory. Just as the elk hold a special place in our mythology, the woman holds a significant place in the mythology of the elk. Like a goddess they create an entity that can touch and interact with the current world, but can only directly influence the world at a time of serious crisis.

Hand meets his mother, a translucent silver figure, unsurpassed in beauty and grace, with a flowing silvery dress. She seems to float as she walks, and she can call on the power of the elk and manipulate powerful white magic. She joins the party for a while in the final stages of the game, but eventually it is only with her help that he can defeat Vear. To do so, however, the elk must sacrifice the image of her they have maintained and let her drift off into the forests of Memory, as humans do. This requirement brings a period of turbulence into the herd and causes conflict with the humans.

Eventually the herd, convinced of the gravity of the situation, allow the image to be sacrificed and the power there unleashed can finally defeat Vear.

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