The Lady

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The Lady is, by far, the most revered character in the mythology of the people of Brant and Asgard. Her name is not known, nor does anyone desire to name her--choosing instead to allow the mystery of her character to be enveloped in the mystery of her name. She was the one chosen to confront Vear face-to-face, and by so doing she gave birth to the Laucopids, the only people able to defeat Vear.


She stands tall, with blond hair that approaches white throughout its length--perfectly straight from her head to her waist. Her complexion has always been pale, but not lifeless, and her body thin, but not emaciated. Any weakness in body is more than compensated by the fierceness of her vitality--made more than obvious by her trademark piercing gray eyes.


Throughout the game, the Lady corresponds to the dea ex machina AI, in which capacity she pseudo-randomly wanders the map, leading the party into battles that are nearly impossible to win--instead, she will also rescue the party out of the battle, subtly at first, but as the battles become more important to the story of the game, her own actions in that story will become more evident to the player, until she eventually fully reveals herself to Hand in the final moment of crisis and can join the party until the final defeat of Vear.