The Two Kingdoms

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After the Laucopids left, a period of peace reigned in the land. The Enemy had been defeated, and the land (though scarred) could return to normal. For many years Brant and its inhabitants breathed a sigh of relief and slowly grew accustomed to the new climate and geography

There had been an incompleteness, however, in the Seal that the Laucopids had placed on Vear. Worked into the Seal were tiny cracks and fissures of weakness that could be (and began to be) exploited to break through the Seal. The Laucopids were intricately woven into the formation of the Seal--and without them guarding the Seal, it could not last forever.

Eventually the remaining people returned unfailingly to their martial ways. Treaties of peace turned to pacts of war and pastures turned to battlefields. The geographic scars left by Vear and his minions had a complicated emotional result in addition to the physical, and these deformations manifested themselves just like the very cracks and fissures that were slowly undoing the Seal. The people who were once united in spirit and continent were now separated by differences in opinion, and the countryside that was rent and torn by the violence turned into jagged mountain peaks, deep mysterious oceans, barren deserts, and infertile soil.

People of every walk of life had to readjust. Everyone could no longer live off the fruit of the land and forest--decent arable land was fought over, and the scarcity of resources led each group of humankind to a different trade. Each ran to the land and trade that seemed to be the most profitable; some, though, ran away from person and prospect, submitting their lives to the fortunes of the now-antagonistic wilds of raw nature.

And out of the somewhat chaotic, quasi-anarchic state rose the two most powerful kingdoms in the lands--where the water was sweetest, the fruit most abundant, and the earth most amenable to the plow. Markland and Helluland--the people were once united, but social complications and political machinations (evidence of the "advancement" of culture by this time) brought the people under different yokes and alliances grew to bring nation-state against nation-state.

War had begun, and now, so does the Story.