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Russ, I was thinking about making some changes to the structure of the wiki - like adding a section for notes from meetings... Also, I am constantly confused by the link on the navigation thing titled "Developers" - I always think it will take me to a list of developers - I was also kind of hoping you wouldn't mind if I changed it to "Development"... which brings up the next question: How do you change the items on that sidebar? Also, I noticed there is not an "edit" tab for me on the main page - do you need to have some kind of administrator status for that? Maybe one would need that for the sidebar editting too? If so, would you mind adding me as one? Thanks. -- User:TheGrunger

Asgard 0.3.x/Site Reorganization

Ben, the article for the sidebar is MediaWiki:Sidebar , I think you need sysadmin access in order to edit it, so I've gone ahead and given you that. Actually, the reason why the edit is disabled on the main page is because spammers posted stuff there a couple of months back. Consequently, in order to edit this wiki, you have to get a username. But also, in order to edit the front page you need root. That way nobody but people on the project can edit the front page. Incidentally, you should see look at the history to see who the spammer was.

I'm okay with reorganizing. The structure has gotten quite a bit chaotic as we've grown. Also, I like the idea of meeting notes. In whatever section Developers becomes, I think we should put up a section for a specification of gameplay. This specification should be definite. That is, things put in the specification are things that you, myself, Sean, and any other developers have agreed to, and have thought through to such an extent that it is "solid," and can thus be added to the specification. Though mainly a technical document, it makes sense that drawings from Steve would fit here as well. Let me know your criticism of this idea so that we can continue moving forward with planning for Asgard 0.3.x -- User: Rustushki

I like the specification idea a lot - I was also thinking about something along those lines... I especially like the idea of locking it down - that way maybe we can foster some true discussion on the discussion pages. We could try to enforce that any suggestions would have to be agreed to on the discussion page before added to the spec. Sounds like we are in agreement over everything.. I think maybe if I have some time this evening (Tuesday) I might start doing a bit of this wiki organizing tonight. -- User: TheGrunger
<sarcasm>At least the Story section is well organized</sarcasm> -- Hermes