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This is some starter information concerning a method for displaying 'levels'. It will accomplish the following things:

  1. Replace the standard in-battle HUD "Name | HP/MaxHP | MP/MaxMP".
  2. Provides a way to describe a player's or monster's skill level in a non-numerical, graphical way.
  3. Suggests a possible framework for the design and organizing of AI's, dungeons and other map areas.

Waveform Entities

A waveform entity is any map object with some level of mastery at the eight forms. They come in several types:

  • Playable Characters
  • Non-Playable Characters
  • Monsters
  • Terrain Areas
  • Equipment (with Bandas runes or glyphs called photolithographs that indicate aptitude at the forms)
  • Statues or Mystical places (also with photolithographs)

Waveform Graph

There are eight forms and waveform entities will have a certain quantifiable measure of mastery at each one. Consider these ratings for a fire elemental:

Vethr:      24
Pyromania: 137
Grace:       1
Whimsy:     80
Ferrum:     50
Robos:       2
Urth:       70
Alector:    20

You could then draw these numbers as a graph. Technically, this isn't a wave at all. It's mere a plot of dots with connecting lines or a bar graph. For visual appeal we will draw the graph with curvature to emulate a wave. The following graph will illustrate the fire elemental's waveform. (paper+pencil+camera == photoshop).

(notebook paper photgraph coming soon) File:FireElemental-Waveform.jpg


A skill or magic or physical technique (all refered to as skills), will be stored internally as several points of data:

  • Name String - the name of the skill.
  • Availability Constant - a flat integer within some range R. R will start at 0 and end at some yet-to-be decided number n. Just for the sake of reasoning, think of n as 1000 for the time being.
  • Form List - a list of forms a skill requires.

With this information, we can create some example skills:

Name: Attack
Availability Constant: 15
Ferros, Alector
Name: Static Cling
Availability Constant: 25
Name: Lightning
Availability Constant: 75
Name: Healing
Availability Constant: 35
Robos, Grace

XP, HP and MP

XP is a waveform graph representing the maximum HP and/or MP that an entity can have. You can think of the scale and shape of the waveform as the traditional 'level' of an entity.

Let's examine a 'hit' (where one entity strikes another with physical damage). If the hit was Pyromania-based, the target's waveform's Pyromania height (or wave crest) would drop by some amount. Likewise, the instigator's Pyromania MP wave crest would drop by some amount.

The math governing how much HP and MP lost by the target and instigator is still up in the air.