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Nearly every player that ventures into World of Warcraft’s land of Azeroth knows that it takes gold to be successful in the game. Now, while that isn’t entirely true, it still stands as most players do not want to spend days, weeks, or months farming for a piece of epic gear that has only a small fraction of a percentage dropping from a super rare creature. Thus, if you have a way to make large amounts of gold quickly, there really isn’t any item, weapon, or armor piece that is out of reach. So, with this in mind, the player needs good strategies to bring in steady income that will allow them to maintain their toons and equip them with killer gear! So here is a few strategies that will help you understand how to make gold in WoW

Searching the internet for WoW gold guide will bring thousands of pages showing any number of ways to make gold. However, some of the best are simple, easy, and only require the player to take notice of a few key things in order to be successful. The first of these strategies on how to make gold in WoW is gathering raw materials or farming popular items. These items can bring in just a few copper a piece or be worth more than their weight in gold. The easiest way to choose which to go after is to search the Auction House and take a few minutes to note the names and prices of items that seem to be selling quickly. Then you will want to determine the source of these items. Once you know that, you will want to travel to the zone which has the highest concentration of raw materials or NPCs for which you are looking. You can actually farm items and raw materials at the same time to double your chances of making large amounts of gold. Once you have filled up on goods, wander back to the auction house and list your items for slightly less than the competition and cash in.

Another strategy that will teach you how to make gold involves using the gathering method above combined with a particular crafting profession. Crafting is one of the best ways to make gold in WoW. Crafting can give you items to sell at the Auction House that others may need but do not have the time to devote to leveling a particular craft. Also, keep in mind that certain items, including the lower level items can be popular and sell for a decent profit so be sure to keep tabs on the Auction House for trends. Also, in using the crafting strategy, you do not necessarily need to use the Auction House to cash in on your talents or goods. Hang out in Orgrimar or Ironforge for a while and you will find quite a few people needing items or enchantments that you can provide at a fee. Build a reputation for friendly, quick service and you have a way for gold to be rolling in.

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to make gold in WoW is the Auction House itself. The old adage of buying low and selling high is the key to winning here. Comedies are probably the most profitable when using this method. You will have a lot of lower priced items out there to keep tabs on, however a lot of little sales add up too. This strategy on how to make gold in WoW, is still time intensive as it requires you to constantly keep up with what is hot in the Auction House. However with a little time and effort, you can quickly find yourself rolling in the gold. All you have to do is pay attention to what is hot, know where to get it, and go after it!