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Both Brant and Asgard have a variety of plant life. Ranging from the common Green Stalk to the mighty Yggdrasill each plant has some purpose, be it beauty, beer or firewood.

Plant Table

tree brennivin tea apple grain cane grape bees black drink
Green Stalk N N N N N N N N N
Hazel Stalk N N N N N N N N N
Brown Stalk N N N N N Y N N N
White Stalk N N N N N Y N N N
Dark Red Aggas Y N N Y N N N Y N
Pepper Valkyrie Y Y Y N N N N Y N
Ginning Y Y Y N N N N Y N
Black Bush N Y N N N N N Y Y
Arborr Grey Y N Y N N N N Y N
Thatch N N N N Y N N N N
Wheat N N N N Y N N N N
Barley N N N N Y N N N N
Cullus N N N N Y N N N N
Yggdrasill Y Y Y N N N N Y N

Brantian Agriculture

Each unit of land has a certain characteristic--a certain constitution of each form that might make its soil more fitting for a certain plant. Likewise, each plant has a certain ideal soil quality where it grows best: within a certain range it will grow, but only within a more narrow range will it grow quickly or grow the best quality fruit. The method for determining the quality of soil and each plant's affinities should be clear, especially for the simpler plants, although it may be more complicated as the game progresses. It should reveal itself to clear, logical inquiry--not necessarily be completely obvious, but not be completely opaque either.

The entire terrain of Brant is malleable through ones affinity to urth and robos (possibly ferrum). Each land-unit can be terraformed using a certain spell (limited by ones ability with each form and the resilience of the land itself) to have different affinities and therefore be more fertile with respect to a certain plant. Some areas may be so resilient as to completely resist terraforming, while some may be so adapted for it that they become gardens for the use of the player.