River Folly

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The River Folly flows from its source in the Folly mountains down past Kyndyn, through the Pass of Folly, and forms an approximate border between the lands of Markland and Helluland until it eventually reaches some yet unknown place. At its source it is clear and clean--a spring that legends are made of. It grows in power and size as it passes Kyndyn, and carves out the Pass of Folly, leaving only a narrow strip of land as a road that follows the river on its course. It is used as a major transportation route by ferryboats along the borders (although such a trade is risky at best). Along it's banks lie a few significant fords, including Hollis and Kypfardr. Its resources are shared by the two neighboring countries, and the recent years of strife between the two countries has made life on the river less pleasant.