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In Game

Characters, Animals, and Monsters

Asgard has characters, both playable and non-playable, both good, evil, and ambivalent, which are outlined on the People page. Certain animals are also outlined on the Animals page, animals being non- (or semi-) sentient creatures that may be used by the party or simply around for decoration. Lastly, Monsters contains all of the baddies that might be encountered by Hand and his group.

Geography, Geology, Biology

Brant, as well as Asgard, has a wide variety of flora that grow on its equally varied landscape. Geography contains an introduction to the layout of Brant and Asgard, and is intended as a place to essentially place down geographically all of the different story ideas that start to take shape. When it comes to actual individual maps, the kind of tile used for each space is defined by its own unique Geology, essentially a range of values for each of the forms. Based on these characteristics, certain Plants grow on different kinds of tiles based on that plant's own tolerance level of each form (cacti on desert, grasses on dirt, trees on loamy soil). Finally, using the fruit from some of the plants, drinks can be made that act as potions to alter the performance of the character.

Phenomena and Statuses

The Forms can be combined in order to bend the fabric of space and time to produce a Waveform. A well-constructed Waveform will produce a phenomenon which can be used as a weapon against your enemies or as an aid to your allies. Some phenomena can inflict statuses on the target. The following (not yet complete) table summarizes each of the phenomena.

Phenomena Name Effect Vethr Pyromania Grace Whimsy Ferrum Robos Urth Alector
Drizzle A slow drenching rain 15
Blast A short burst of high heat 15
Integrity Can remove confusion from target 15
Confusion May inflict confusion on target 15
Fortify Caster resists physical attacks 15
Healing Restores Form balance to the targeted 15
Sandstorm Barages target with sand 15
Amber Arc Short, high voltage eletric arc shot at target 15
Status Description
Frozen Unable to move do to cold
Choking Asphixiating and losing health
Asleep Unable to move due to sleep
Cloudy-Headed Making decisions slowly
Hyperactive Making decisions quickly
Furious Making decisions out of anger
Clarity Making decisions with a decisiveness
Nirvana Making the best decisions possible


This section is a catch-all for interaction between story-writers, gameplay-discussers, and code-programmers. Expect discussion pages to be used here and frequent changes occurring as the ideas contained in each article are slowly integrated into or rejected from the final project.


The first few chapters of the narrative outline Hand's introduction to battle, getting to know other characters in the party, and encountering Vear and his minions for the first time. Eventually he is whisked away to his original home, Asgard, where he is introduced to the Laucopids and returns to Brant to complete eight stories with various plots ranging from the most simple (defeat the main boss of this dungeon) to the most complex (chase a certain character around the entire globe). At the end, a yet-to-be-determined catastrophic event happens either reversing everything Hand has done or ensuring its completion, but either way there will be lots of shiny graphics, a few plot twists, and a really long final boss battle, keeping in mind Sephiroth's Rule: final boss battles are always longer than you expect, even taking into account this rule.


This section is all of the lore: all of the old stuff that has to be taken into account to make sure that the rest of the story falls into place. It doesn't define how the plot will be laid out, but should be introduced at various fitting times in the plot to enlighten both Hand and the person playing Hand.

The Seal

(Note: Outline, for planning purposes only, is officially deprecated but may be potentially valuable)